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Children Surgery Specialist (Specialist Paediatric Surgeon) – Dr. Beatrice Wong

What is a Paediatric Surgeon?

A paediatric surgeon is a trained surgeon specializing in the diagnosis and operative of surgical problems in children. Dr. Beatrice Wong is a registered Specialist in Paediatric Surgery under the Hong Kong Medical Council.

Dr Wong is now practicing mostly in ONYX Children’s Surgery Centre (ONYX).

Other Specialist Doctors & Allied Health Specialists

Our Doctors from other specialties & Allied Health Specialists complement our surgical expertise for a holistic healthcare provision for our children & women patients.

We engage Specialist Orthopaedic Surgeon, and professionally trained Dietitian, Lactational Consultant, Clinical Psychologist, Physiotherapist, Prosthetics-orthotics Therapist, , Speech-language Therapist to look beyond immediate medical needs; provide individualized advice and intervention; ensure the overall physical and emotional well-being of our patients and their families; and so expedite our patients’ recovery.

How to consult ONYX Specialists?

If you or your child has never been under any care in ONYX, you may request a referral from your family doctor/ general practitioner or contact us directly for any enquiries.

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