Knowledge, culture & upbringing


ONYX doctors & specialists are actively involved in providing education for:

  • ONYX staff – through daily clinical activities & regular meetings
  • Parents and patients – through leaflets, electronic platforms & support group activities
  • Other healthcare providers, insurers, and corporate staff – through health seminars, special subject talks, clinic visits
  • Public – through public forums, community talks and contributions to the mass media

Apart from the above, clinical and observational attachments are available for Medical & Allied Health Students in ONYX.

Students in ONYX

  • ONYX believe that internship is a proven way for these students to gain relevant knowledge, skills, and experience. Such on job training enable them to be a more competent healthcare professionals in areas of women’s health and paediatrics, and so more patients would benefit in the future.
  • ONYX is sensitive to your needs and rights on privacy, please feel free contact ONYX staff for any assistance if you have any concern.
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