Appointment Booking

Simple! Just make a call to us!

Making an Appointment

ONYX is available to serve your child’s health care needs, from regular check-ups to specialist surgical consultations.

To make an appointment, please call 852-35681786. Or, have your child’s general practitioner or pediatrician call us for a second opinion or a referral.

Depending on your insurance coverage whenever appropriate, consultation appointments in ONYX can be made for your child with or without referral letters from the general practitioner or other specialists. Please refer to your own insurance company or contact ONYX staff for any enquires.


Arrival on the date of Appointment

Please consider to allow extra 15-30 minutes of travel time. Traffic and parking often take longer than you may expect. Besides, please allow 15 minutes or more for the registration process.

Delays do happen, so be prepared. Bring a favorite book/ game (for you and your child) or some drawing pad to help make the time go by more quickly.

If you have to wait because of an unexpected emergency or on a very busy day, remember that your child will receive the SAME IMMEDIATE CARE if he/she is in a SIMILAR SITUATION.


Change or Cancel Appointments

If you have any questions or difficulties regarding your pre-arranged appointment please call us at 852-35681786 or whatsapp / wechat 852-66802857.


Urgent enquiries

For urgent enquiries during office hours, please call ONYX at 852-35681786

For urgent enquiries outside office hours, please call us at 852-74752674.

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