Manners in ONYX

Warm reminders for Everyone!

Being polite & showing care & respect to our guests are the important manners for ONYX staff. We do hope YOU & YOUR CHILD treat us in a similar way.

Here are some reminders for you and your child upon visiting us.


  • Speak softly amongst yourselves or to ONYX staff
  • Be considerate & respectful to ONYX staff, other patients or families
  • Handle ONYX property gently
  • Look after you child in ONYX compound
  • Look after your own property
  • Handle ONYX property gently and keep our place clean & tidy


  • NO Smoking nor Making fire of any kind
  • NO Gambling in any form
  • NO Fighting
  •  NOT Taking away any ONYX property, unless permitted.
  • NOT Taking any phone calls, photo or video while having consultation or surgery, unless permitted.

Suggestions and comments are welcome. Please contact ONYX staff if necessary.

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